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Are you ready for the A&D Home Inspection ?

Check List

  1. Is everything turned on and accessible?
  2. Has the Real Estate Agent been notified?
  3. Are utilities on? (Water, Electric, Gas)
  4. All burnt out light bulbs should be replaced.
  5. Are pilot lights lit?
  6. Is there access to house? (notify occupants, keys)
  7. Pools & hot tub filled with water and running? (heated)
  8. Are all pets secured before the inspection?
  9. Call me and I will help you get ready.

"I Recommend That The Customer Be

Present During The Inspection In Order

To Ask Questions And To Receive

The Maximum Benefit"


It is better to discover the truth.

Than to buy based on emotions.

Peace of mind, is worth

more... Than buyer's remorse.

The price of repairs can be paid

for by the seller. If your eyes

can see them, before you buy.


This is not the good ole days.

"Most buyer's get an inspection."


Someday, when you sell your home,

An inspection may be bad news,...

If you are the one paying for

the cost of repairs.

Spend your money wisely,

Get a home inspection.

get: Peace of Mind.

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