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Drinking Water & Well Water
Concerned about the safety of your well water?
The laboratory provides testing of Drinking Water and Private Well Water. Bacteriological testing, often required when property is sold, screens for the presence of microorganisms which may cause disease. Sterile 100ml containers are required and provided.
Standard Well Panel
Chemical testing of water is also provided. The standard well panel includes tests for hardness, alkalinity, pH, and other minerals in your water. Sterile 1 liter containers are required and provided. This Testing is available, but is very expensive.

Disinfection of Water Wells

A water well should be disinfected (1) when the well is newly drilled; (2) when repairs to the well or pumping equipment are completed; or (3) when an unsafe sample has been reported.
How To Properly Maintain Your Private Water Well
Once disinfected, a properly protected and constructed water well should yield bacteriologically safe drinking water until the well is opened. Re-contamination can be prevented if the following measures are taken:
1. In order to protect the well from surface water, grade around the well to divert surface water away from the well.
2. Maintain at least 100 foot separation between the well and all up-slope pollution sources such as septic systems and ponds. Maintain at least 50 foot separation on down-slope and 75 foot on same elevation pollution sources.
3. Maintain at least 50 foot separation between the well and all buildings (which may be termite
4. The well should be cased to at least 10 feet below ground level.
5. The casing should extend at least 8 inches above ground level.
6. The upper terminal of the well casing should be capped with a commercial, sanitary well seal. Old deteriorated seals may no longer be effective and should be replaced. Electrical cables passing through the seal should be caulked to prevent airborne contamination.
7. Any necessary vents in the well seal should be turned down and screened.
8. Any time you remove the well seal, you should chlorinate in accordance with the DEQ fact sheet on chlorinating your private water well.


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